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Flat Roofing Oswestry

Due to massive improvements over the last couple of decades traditional flat roofing is once again a very viable product to use. Primarily for use on flat roofs, this is the alternative to the more modern EPDM rubber and GRP flat roofs that are now being fitted. CALL US ON 01691 674497

This traditional flat roofing system using bitumen based roofing felt looks great on older houses or on roofs where people like to stick with what they know. Not only does this material look great when fitted correctly it also works amazingly and we still have flat roofs that are 20 years old plus, still functioning and looking good.

Polyester flat roofing felt is the base material used to make bitumen roof shingles and bitumen roof felt.

Used for decades as waterproof coverings in residential and commercial roofs, these bitumen flat roof felt compositional membranes incorporate two layers.

The first underside polymer membrane is used as a solid background, nowadays reinforced with glass fibers, which are much stronger than the old types used and then mineral granules are added to make up the self-protective top layer, with a final bituminous mixture encapsulating them both.

Bitumen based flat roofing felt is manufactured in roll format. Rolls of base roof felt are pulled on rollers through large tanks of bitumen mixes until they are saturated with the tar-like bitumen mixture, producing rolls of water-resistant but breathable material.

what we do to make your new bitumen felt roof?

When doing this type of job we completely strip the existing flat roof felt and take it back to the existing timber base.
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If the flat roof base is damp or rotten, we remove and replace it with a thick water resistant ply. This will give your new roof adequate strength to last a lifetime and will never need replacing again should your roof be maintained over the years.

As mentioned above we then apply a 2mm torch on layer of bitumen based roofing felt, which nowadays is reinforced with modern fibreglass for super long life and heat seal all the seams to make the new flat roof completely watertight.

Next comes the flat roofs protective top layer which is a 4mm mineral coated bitumen based roofing felt system which is dressed up any walls or edges upwards to keep the water contained on the main roof area. This top layer of roofing felt is for protection against the sun, wind, rain and other elements which batter your roof over the years.

Finally to finish off the felting process on your new flat roof we nail on and dress up protective bitumen based roofing felt flashings to all edges to make a third seal against water ingress.

Due to having worked with this type of flat roofing product for so long and being so knowledgable with it we can guarantee this type of roof for 10 years, (insurance backed guarantee's are available)  and it is highly likely you will get double that time out of your new flat roof due to the massive improvements in this type of flat roofing material that has come about over the last 20 years.

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Shown below is a recent flat roof refurbishment we made to a property in Pant. The owners called us up about some storm damage that had happened to their existing flat roof and upon inspection we decided it would be best to replace all of the worn out felt drips and upstands on the flat garage roof. To do this job we swept back the existing flat roof chippings, primed the existing flat roof flashings and then applied new 4mm mineral top cap felt flashings all around the perimeter of the garage.
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Flat Roof Repairs Oswestry

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Oswestry Roofing can sometimes just make repairs to you flat roof instead of fully replacing it. If we are called out to look at a damaged flat roof or a leak to an existing flat roof we will give you honest advice on what the best course of action to take may be.

Flat roofs over time can start to look a bit tired around the edges even though in reality they are still functioning well and are too good to replace. CALL US ON 01691 674497

Only recently were Oswestry Roofing called out to a job where storm damage had occurred to a flat roof along the front edge felt flashings. Upon looking at the job we decided the best way to address this damage was to replace all the edge flashings around the perimeter of the roof.

This has enabled an old flat roof look like new from below and in the future the flat roof could simply be over felted at a low cost to give another 20 years of service, without the need to change the boards which are still in sound condition.
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